Ni le Soleil ni la Mort [solo show]

Ni le Soleil ni la Mort [solo show]
May 20, 2019 João Louro

Ni le Soleil ni la Mort

15.05.19 > 01.09.19

Pavilhão Branco, Lisboa

Curated by Nuno Faria

In the oppening will be read the dadaist poems Karawane and Totenklage of Hugo Ball and Ursonate of Kurt Schwitters, by Hibou de Gris

This exhibition is the culmination of a long and exhaustive work of four years of research and artistic production on one of the main battles of World War I – the Battle of Verdun (1916) – and all its consequences, aligning this phenomenon with the emergence of the artistic vanguards of the early twentieth century. This body of work contains drawings, photographs and objects, articulated in a reflection on the consequences of the war in art, to search there the umbilical cord of our cultural heritage, basing the research on the inextricable relation between the conflict of 14-18 and the birth of the Dada movement, in Zurich.

Na inauguração serão lidos os poemas dadaístas Karawane e Totenklage de Hugo Ball e Ursonate de Kurt Schwitters, por Hibou de Gris.